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Secondary Structural Framing

zee, cee, channel, eave strut, and angles secondary structural framing samples
Fabral manufactures a full line of light gauge cold-formed steel sections for use in secondary framing applications. Our custom fabrication capabilities allow us to tailor sections for your specific use and purpose.

Steel sections provide economic secondary structural framing for pre-engineered metal buildings, carports, canopies, walkway covers, parking covers and eyebrow canopies. These custom fabricated panels are also used as the primary structural framing of single story mini-storage structures.

The sections are available in 16 Gauge (.060")*, 14 Gauge (.077")* and 12 Gauge (.099")* thicknesses. Zee, Cee and Channel standard sizes are 4" to 12" depths (even 2" increments). Angle standard sizes are 2"x 2", 2"x 4" and 3"x 3". Eave Strut standard sizes are 8"x 5"x 2 1/2" and 8"x 5"x 5". These fabricated panels are available with either a red-oxide prime or hot-dipped galvanized protective coating. Red-oxide members are manufactured from ASTM A570 Grade 55 steel (55 KSI minimum yield strength). Galvanized members are manufactured from ASTM A653 Galvanized Grade 55 steel (55 KSI minimum yield strength).

Fabral's manufacturing capabilities produce Zee purlins to symmetrical or asymmetrical designs. Eave Struts can be produced for high and low eaves and are available in single and double slope configuration. Standard purlin punching patterns include A, B, C, G and H web punching which allows for simple span, short lap and long lap conditions. Custom punch patterns and custom shapes are available; please consult your Fabral representative for details.

Our Light gauge, cold-formed custom fabricated panels are produced in Grapevine, TX and Salem, OR.