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Products & Accessories
SRS's architectural, commercial and industrial roof systems are available in a wide variety of substrates including aluminum, galvanized steel, galvalume, copper and stainless steel. All of these products are available unpainted or finished with high performance Flurobond™ coatings, and many of our roof panels can be tapered or curved.

Standing Seam Roof Panels
High performance, structural standing seam roof panel system for the most demanding applications

Concealed Fastener Panels
Wide range of concealed fastener panels for almost any application

Exposed Fastener Panels
Exposed fastener panels for almost any application

Liner Panels
Perfect for field-assembled projects requiring insulated walls and roofs

Translucent Panels
Combines natural daylight with finely tuned thermal and solar controllability

Aluminum Composite Panels
Economical and versatile wall or roof panels

Foam Panels
Provides quick and easy construction with thermal energy saving performance

Custom-Made Panels
Wide range of custom made panels that are dimensionally accurate

Secondary Structural Framing
A full line of light gauge cold-formed steel sections for use in secondary framing applications.

SRS offers a full array of accessories to help the functionality of your building. You will find doors, windows, skylights, insulation, fasteners, structural steel ventilators, light transmitting panels, louvers, touch-up paint and much more. Whatever you need to complete your project, SRS has it.

When it comes to generating electricity, compared to any other technology, Fabral's Solar SSR laminates achieve higher relative efficiency under high temperatures and low light.

In this age of rising energy costs and the demand for sustainable design, SRS is pleased to offer a green solution for your metal roofing needs