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GREEN – ON TOP with sustainable roofing products and systems
Fabral maintains a broad range of product designs and color choices that are not only architecturally appealing but also consistent with "Green Building" guidelines. It's our intention to offer siding and roofing options that are environmentally responsible, which is why we've gone great length to provide sustainable materials.

painted image of a stem and leaves Fabral roofing products are manufactured from substrates that utilize a significant amount of recycled material, are 100% recyclable and are coated with Flurobond™ High Definition Coating systems which allow many of the colors to reflect a significant amount of heat away from the structure. In fact, many Fabral siding and roofing panels carry the Energy Star® approval for energy efficiency. Fabral panels also help a project earn U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points, which count toward obtaining "Green Building" certification for energy efficient, environmentally-friendly structures.