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Specialty Colors & Finishes

SRS uses the Fabral Architectural Systems to bring a new vision to architectural metal with a new line of dynamic specialty finishes.

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yellow roof panels

Our new line of finishes include an unlimited spectrum of colors and designs - semi-transparent pigmented clear coats, extraordinary metallic, embossing and varying patina, stone and natural wood designs which translate into a myriad of design possibilities.

Available in aluminum substrates for painted coils, flat sheets and the complete panel profile offering (standing seam and concealed and exposed fastener panels).

Color the world by integrating your imagination and specialty finishes into your next project. If you can imagine it, SRS can bring it to life.

The complete product offering includes:

Eurabuild color bricks EuraBuild - an unlimited spectrum of colors
The EuraBuild offering consists of a balanced choice of coating qualities, and RAL and Pantone colors are only a small part of the almost limitless possibilities. Depending upon project specific demands such as the bends, color, gloss and warranty period the EuraBuild coatings provide an optimum solution for almost every building design.

EuraDecor faux wood box EuraDecor - spectacular natural and faux finish designs
Natural building materials such as stone and wood have been in practice for centuries. Unfortunately these materials have some disadvantages regarding weight, costs, formability and maintenance - disadvantages now solved by the EuraDecor product offering. By combining the general aluminium advantages, it is perfectly possible to overcome these disadvantages. Decorative colors such as stripes, lettering and patterns of stone, wood, zinc, copper, rust and other looks now become possible.

AluNatur finish sample AluNatur - natural looking aluminum finishes
Due to good performances and good flexibility for roll-forming and profiling, AluNatur finishes can easily be applied in a wide variety of cladding panels. The AluNatur product range consists of a wide range of (semi-) transparent clearcoats which are available in different coating qualities. On top of the choices in colors you can also choose between special transparent coatings and brushed substrate qualities.

EuraMica coating sample EuraMica - angle dependant color variations
The EuraMica product offering is based on multi-layer PVDF coating systems which contain mica effect pigments. These pigments consist of coated semi-transparent mica platelets which reflect their own color but also allow the color of the basecoat to be seen. This unique combination of reflection and refraction causes a fascinating color variation that changes depending upon viewing angle and lighting.

EuraDiamond sparkle coating sample EuraDiamond - add sparkle to your design
A highly protective coating, the EuraDiamond coating offering was developed with architects and developers in mind. The system is adjustable and is comprised of a corrosion resistant primer in high layer thickness that is covered with a very durable metallic topcoat.

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