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Edge Metals

For clean, crisp edging on your next project, look no further than Fabral. Fabral's perimeter metal roof materials produce an aesthetically pleasing and distinct perimeter around your entire building. In addition, they keep weather out, are easy to install, carry a warranty of up to 25 years, and meet or exceed the industry standards for wind and low slope metal roofing systems.

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Our Product Offerings Include:

Snap-on coping for metal roofing

Snap-on Coping
A clean edge design that functions as both a drain support chair with its raised ribs and as an internal splice plate.

Bullnose coping for metal roofing

Bullnose Coping
The bold look of masonry with the versatility of sheet metal. Unique symmetrical locator cleat keeps adjacent pieces in perfect alignment.

Snap-on fascia for metal roofing

Snap-on Fascia
Snap-on fascia doesn’t require field crimping assuring a fast and clean installation.

Term Bar fascia for metal roofing

Term Bar Fascia
Featuring a two-piece design with a snap-on fascia and rigid termination bar to assure wind and water stay out of the roof membrane.

Extruded Term Bar for metal roofing

Extruded Term Bar
Featuring an extruded aluminum retainer bar which clamps the roof membrane preventing leaks and blow-offs.

Fabral also offers Custom Profile Fascia. Plan your building with complete creative control with the finest metal roofing products in the business. Design your own profile fascia or choose from one of our custom profile fascia options. Combine functionality and design to create a one-of-a-kind profile fascia.